The 16th IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing (EUC 2018) is the next event in a series of highly successful International Conferences on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing (EUC). This year’s edition will take place in Bucharest, Romania, between 29 and 31 October, 2018, the year that marks 100 years since the formation of the modern Romanian state.

Embedded and ubiquitous computing is an exciting paradigm that promises to provide computing and communication services to the end users all the time and everywhere. Its systems are now invading in every aspect of our daily life and promise to revolutionize our life much more profoundly than elevators, electric motors or even personal computer evolution ever did. The emergence of this technology is a natural outcome of research and technological advances in a variety of areas including embedded systems, pervasive computing and communications, wireless networks, mobile computing, distributed computing and agent technologies.

This year we emphasize in particular the relation between Embedded and ubiquitous computing, and Ambient Assisted Living. As such, we welcome the participation of the SHELD-ON and AAPELE COST Actions. In addition, the edition is organised together with the H2020 Data4Water and AAL vINCI projects. The increase in medical expenses due to societal issues like demographic ageing, puts strong pressure on the sustainability of health and social care systems, on labour participation, and on quality of life for older people or for persons with disabilities. Smart Habitats for Older Adults and Enhanced Living Environments (ELE) promote the provision of infrastructures and services for the independent or more autonomous living, via the seamless integration of info-communication technologies within homes and residences, thus increasing their quality of life and autonomy maintaining one’s home the preferable living environment for as long as possible, therefore not causing disruption in the web of social and family interactions.

Different ubiquitous technologies are today being developed, aiming to construct safe environments around assisted peoples and help them maintain independent living. Most efforts towards the realisation of ambient assisted living systems are based on developing pervasive devices and use Ambient Intelligence to integrate these devices together to construct a safety environment. The missing interaction of multiple stakeholders needing to collaborate for environments supporting a multitude of AAL services, as well as barriers to innovation in the markets concerned, the governments, and health and care sector, these innovations do not yet take place at a relevant scale. Many fundamental issues in AAL remain open. Most of the current efforts still do not fully express the power of human being, and the importance of social connections and societal activities is less noticed. And effective solutions requires appropriate ICT algorithms, architectures and platforms, having in view the advance of science in this area and the development of new and innovative connected solutions (particularly in the area of pervasive and mobile systems). The EUC conference aims, as such, to provide a platform for the dissemination of recent research efforts that explicitly aim at addressing these challenges, and supports the presentation of advanced solutions in these areas.

The series of highly successful International Conferences on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing (EUC), include ICDCS-ECS04 (Tokyo, Japan, March 2004), EUC-04 (Aizu, Japan, August 2004), EUC-05 (Nagasaki, Japan, December 2005), EUC-06 (Seoul, Korea, August 2006), EUC-07 (Taipei, Taiwan, December 2007), EUC-08 (Shanghai, China, December 2008), EUC-09 (Vancouver, Canada, August 2009), EUC-10 (Hong Kong,China, December 2010), EUC-11 (Melbourne, Australia, October 2011), EUC-12 (Paphos, Cyprus, December 2012), EUC-13 (Zhangjiajie, China, November 2013), and EUC-14 (Milan, Italy), EUC-15 (Porto, Portugal), EUC-16 (Paris, France, August 2016), EUC-17 (Guangzhou, China, July  2017).

We welcome you in Bucharest, Romania, 29-31 October 2018!

Update on Journal Special Issues

Please note that distinguished papers, after further revisions, will be considered for possible publication in several SCI & EI indexed special issues of prestigious international journals. The organisers are planning Special Issues in Future Generation Computer Systems (IF: 3.997), Information Sciences (IF: 4.832), and few others.

A selection of best papers will be invited in the Special Issue “From Sensors to Ambient Intelligence for Health and Social Care“, organised in Sensors (IF:2.677).

Other Special Issues will be announced soon!

Call for Papers!